5 Reasons People Open Carry - Part 1

The open carry vs. concealed carry debate is a great one. I know strong advocates for both. For those of you joining the fray, welcome; we're glad to have you! The question we're going to discuss is, why do people walk around I'll talk about five possible answers. Here's the first one: This is a valid argument. But there is an obvious concern: Can it paint an enormous target on your back? Does open carry have to be For example, let's say there's two guys standing in line at Kwik Trip,

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First Firearm

So, you're ready to take that plunge and carry every day. You want something reliable, effective, and easy to conceal, right? So if that's your criteria, picking out a gun should be pretty simple, right? So, what IS the best firearm out there? ​ It's a basic question, and there are lots of answers, depending on who you ask. Some people swear by Glocks. Others are Ruger fans. Still others -and-true Smith & Wesson enthusiasts. There is no right or wrong; only what works best for you.


You've seen it on bumper stickers, or you know what it means, and are here for the history lesson. Or, you know the backstory but wonder how it relates to the pro-gun community today. The most common American pronunciation is “mow-lahn lah-bay,” and the more classic Greek version is “mow-loan lah-vay .” ​Either of these would be considered correct. ​ I'll start with what will excite the history buffs: the epic backstory. In midsummer of 480 BC, halfway around the world, King Xerxes of

On a scale of 1-10, how vulnerable are you?

Ever get distracted somewhere, like a grocery store, by some stupid little thing, and you realize minutes later that you had tuned out the entire world around you Or while buckling your child in the backseat, they drop something and you spend two minutes trying to find it; never mind the door is open behind you, the car , and the keys are on the front seat where you left them A big part, nay, the BIGGEST part of self-defense is being aware of your surroundings. And keeping aware of your need t

When is it OK to be rude?

to be polite. Polite to elders, polite to strangers, polite to everyone around us. That's good. It's important to think before you speak. Sometimes words slip out too fast, and we regret them later. ​ But is there ever a time when it's OK to be rude? Is there ever a time when you SHOULD be rude? The answer is a resounding yes. I'm not talking about when someone cuts you off in the grocery store. I'm not talking about how to respond to a rude person, although some days it sure is tempting.

Best Carry Line-Up: What You Need to Know

What do you carry? ​ Why do you carry it? ​ What about it made you chose it over something else? ​ Is there something you could change about it to be more effective? ​ The tools you choose to defend your life with make the difference between, you guessed it, life and death. Choose Today we're going to talk about four devices I currently have at my disposal; the pros, the cons, and why I do or do not actually carry them I'll start with the least permanently damaging: the pepper spray. ​

5 Things You Need to Know About Conceal Carry

This is stuff I didn't know before I started to conceal carry every day. A heads-up to anyone on the fence: do not take this decision . It'll change you. For the better, yes, but it'll change you. It's true, and it's weird. No one else can tell, but boy does it bug me when I'm not carrying. I carry, of course, but there's been a couple times I've had to be on school property for one reason or another, and so the gun didn't come with me . Talk about feeling like a target in sneakers! I gotta say

Carry Insurance: What it is and why you need it

You probably have insurance on your car, and renter's or homeowner's insurance on your house. Maybe you also have life insurance. Should you have carry insurance, too? If you carry a gun, then yes, you should have carry insurance. As the name implies, carry insurance is insurance for conceal carriers. It provides legal protection benefits to the policyholder, in the event they ever need to use their firearm in a self-defense situation They can also, depending on which membership you buy, p

Successful Carry: How to Love Your Firearm

I grew up around guns in the form of shotguns and rifles. My brothers had pellet guns, shot .22 rifles and sometimes had trap shoots. My dad had one of those old rifle racks in the laundry room, filled with oldish wood stock shotguns. While guns in general were a commonplace in my family, I was never interested. I had never even touched one. ​ That all changed on day one of hunter's safety. I was an uninterested observer in the classroom. I was the first one driving in my family, and my brother